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tv   House Speaker Paul Ryan Holds Ceremonial Swearing-in of Members  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 9:01am-9:11am EST

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see the house live on our companion network c-span. while we wait for a look at this morning's meeting that is taking place with house republicans on the nation's health care law, a look at the swearing-in of the 115th congress as they gathered for the first time yesterday. [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations]. [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations].
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>> nice to meet you. [inaudible conversations]. >> how are you doing?
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you know how this works, right? >> congratulations. see you guys later. [inaudible conversations]. >> congratulations. happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year. congratulations. [inaudible conversations].
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>> get in the middle. last hand up. right hand on the bible. >> going to have a fun year. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations]. >> yeah. right hand. right hand up too. [inaudible conversations]. >> good to see you. [inaudible conversations]. >> got it?
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[inaudible conversations]. >> hey, buddy. step right in here. [inaudible conversations]. >> i have long arms. get left hand on the bible. right hand will be up though. i'm not blocking you, right? look this way. [inaudible conversations]
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>> you are? had a 126 rating last sunday. 126. i'm hoping to get the mvp. i think he deserves it. see you, guys. [inaudible conversations]. >> how are you doing? [inaudible conversations].
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>> are you ready? >> yes. [inaudible conversations]. >> what is your district? nevada 3. >> oh, yeah. [inaudible conversations]. >> good to meet you. >> thank you. enjoyed your remarks. [inaudible conversations].
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>> we will leave this ceremonial swearing-in that took place yesterday. we'll go live to capitol hill as house and senate democrats are heading into their meeting with president obama this morning. the members will discuss how to save the nation's health care law. we're expecting to get remarks from members after that meeting happens here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations].


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